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Being passionate about design, the team at Interactive Exchange Company founded their company in 2001 based on the love of crafting and animating cute & lovely characters.  They are the creators and owners of the Dokuyi characters. A natural evolution for these characters was going mobile. Thus their first game in 2009 was based on these characters. They carry their design philosophy over into their other games as well. Their games and apps bear their signature direction which merges simple additive utility and gameplay with art based graphics.

With a relatively small team they have been churning out apps across various platforms. Their apps Palm Massager, Fly Trap and Heart Break Therapy shot to the Top 10 charts and remained stayed there for many months on the Sony App Store (Play Now Arena). Other like Magic Crystal that took the number 1 spot on Telstra App Store. Their themes constantly make up about 40% of the top downloaded themes in Nokia Store. Recent apps like The Magician Deck , Fly Chicken are available across Nokia Ovi, Android Play Store & Windows Phone 7.

Fact File
Name Chan Mun Kiat
Location Singapore
Connect , Twitter,Pinterest,Google+,Facebook
Apps Nokia,Android

When asked about what they feel about partnering with they mentioned “The support we’ve received from Vserv has been outstanding. We always receive a prompt reply and support from the Vserv team”. They also love the simplicity of App Monetization that the AppWrapper™ provides.

Competition / peers have been their source of inspiration and they plan to continue making better apps for the mobile ecosystem. Being creative artists they love all things shiny – like the Samsung Galaxy S3. Their preferred development tools are eclipse & the Android SDK.



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