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July 21, 2015
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Close Up gave Vietnam the confidence to get close via a mobile ad on Valentine's Day


Vserv Close-Up Case Study featuredPopular toothpaste brand, Close Up has always been viewed as a refreshing, youth focused brand. The brand wanted to engage young consumers in Vietnam to reinforce its brand message: 'Confidence to get Close'. It was looking at Valentine's Week to engage this audience with an ad campaign.

The campaign was aimed at young couples in Vietnam. This target audience is always connected and accesses Internet primarily via their smartphones. Therefore a mobile ad campaign was apt for targeting such an audience.

Vietnam has a mobile phone penetration of over 141% and almost 20% of these mobile phone users play games on their smartphones on regular basis. The idea therefore was to engage this audience with gamified mobile ad campaign that effectively showcases the 'Confidence to get Close' brand message.

Kiss your smartphone!
We came up with an innovative, but quirky way of engaging the target audience with this campaign. We also wanted to add a social element to the campaign keeping in mind that if the audience found this interesting and engaging they would want to share it on social media.

A highly interactive rich media full screen ad was created with an aim to leverage the theme of Close Up's campaign: kissing. The ad featured an image of a person's lips and users were prompted to kiss their smartphone screen to reveal what kind of a kisser they were. Each kiss revealed a different personality. The different types of kisses were – Spaghetti Kiss, Eskimo Kiss, Bubblegum Kiss, Mermaid Kiss and Spiderman Kiss.

The ad campaign was also meant engage the audience in a fun and interactive manner. Users were thereafter redirected to the Close Up's Facebook page to play various other 'cupid' games. Users could also share the same message on their social profiles.

Up close with success
Kissing someone is a very personal and intimate experience for people. However, this mobile ad campaign, leveraging the touchscreen features, introduced an element of surprise and fun by asking people to kiss their smartphone screen. It got the brand message across in a light-hearted and fun manner, and was able to instantly establish a connect with the user.

The campaign generated a total of 155,106 impressions. The overall engagement rate was 50% of which included kissing the screen and sharing the personality on Facebook.

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