Breaking barriers, expressing oneself & celebrating – there’s so much music can do. Great music is much more than sound for the ear!

One such platform, where renowned and upcoming musicians from various genres get together to create an enthralling music experience is Coke Studio. However, limiting it’s awe-inspiring, iconic & magical experience to just TV, we felt was unfair. More so, now that Mobile has become the primary screen and offers a way more personal experience!

We thus partnered  with the good folks at Sony Music to liberate the Coke Studio experience and bring it to Mobile. The Coke Studio App is now available on the Android Play Store as a FREE download, powered by the AppWrapper.

To deliver the best user experience, the ads are shown only at the launch & exit of the App, much like premium ads at the front cover & back page of magazines.

This partnership will allow advertisers to reach premium mobile consumers on the Coke Studio App.

Vserv- premium ads- on coke studio premium ad nventory


The premium advertising enabled by the AppWrapper delivers high impact Full Screen ads that are unmissable, uncluttered and yet delivered at performance pricing.

The ad formats supported by the AppWrapper technology include Video, Interactive HTML5 and other Rich Media formats to deliver impact & engagement with the brand message.

With the festive season coming up, a time that sees higher consumer spends; our innovative circle location targeting technology will allow brands to target users with region specific messaging.

Circle location targeting allows brands to reach users in key metros (Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkatta & Chennai) or at a state level. For example, for the same festive offer, a brand could target users in different states with region specific creatives.

To find out more about our premium advertising offerings write to us at

This partnership is a validation of our belief that premium advertising powered by our AppWraper will liberate the content & apps that consumers love, and bring them to the mobile screen at a price point that everyone loves – FREE.

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