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When it comes to Indonesian smartphone users, your mobile marketing must be 'in the news'


What do older urban Indonesian smartphone users like to do the most with their devices? They like to stay updated with what's happening around the world. As per a Pew Internet study, if you're looking to engage Indonesian smartphone users between the age of 33 and 44, News apps is where you will find them.

According to the study, 81% of the urban Indonesian society keeps track of news regularly. While 24% of them access news on a daily basis, this number goes up to as much as 60% on a weekly basis.

When it comes reading this news content, a Baidu study suggests that for 96% of the readers, smartphone is the primary device for consuming news content, while TV is the source of news for just about 91% of them.

However, their greater affinity for news apps makes them particularly discerning about how they consume content on these apps. For instance, these users prefer news apps that offer all types of news content instead of focusing on just one news category, say finance or sports.

While the younger urban Indonesian smartphone using crowd prefers light-hearted topics, the older user base veers more towards serious news topics. Having said that, 'entertainment' and 'social issues' remain the two most popular types of news content categories among these users.

Gender also plays an interesting role in their content consumption. While women tend to read more entertainment and fashion/beauty news, men tend to focus more reading socio-political and sports news.

This provides a clear picture for marketers looking to engage the Indonesian smartphone user base with their mobile marketing campaigns. News is where you find them and their clear choices in terms of what kind of an experience they've come to expect from a news app means native ads are the most ideal way to engage this user base.

Native ads work great with news apps as they can blend seamlessly with the news feed and appear to be a part of the content stream. The variety of news content that Indonesian smartphone users like to access on these apps means more opportunities for marketers to target them with the most relevant but varied and engaging mobile native ad campaigns.


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