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September 9, 2016
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We are all coming together for the new kid on the block – VClub


At Vserv, our culture is defined by our values – Innovation, Passion, Agility, Ethical and Trustworthy. Each Vserv employee has these values strongly imbibed in their professional as well as personal life. While we are extremely passionate about the mobile ecosystem, we strongly believe, 'All work and no play makes Rahul a dull boy!' So, we decided to join forces to share our common passions besides the love of our life – mobile! For some the passion is sports, for others it is photography or gaming, etc. We thought why not formally organize what we love, share it with others, get others to join, learn, teach and finally have a kickass time! The outcome – VClub!


So, What is VClub?

VClub is an amalgamation of various clubs of common interests of Vserv employees, run by Vserv employees

and for Vservemployees

What are the activities?

Badminton, Carrom, Chess & Boardgaming, Cricket, English Movies & TV Series, Football, Foodies, LAN Gaming,

Music & Singing & Poetry, Photography, Reading, Snooker & TableTennis and Fitness.

Who runs these clubs?

Everyone at Vserv!


This sounds cool, can I join Vserv?

Sure write to and do mention your club preference!

So here's to friends at work coming together and having a great time!



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