IDG Ventures, India

IDG Ventures, India, is a leading technology VC fund and part of IDG Ventures, which has $6+ billion under management, 220+ investee companies and 10 offices globally. IDG Ventures was an investor in successful digital consumer companies including Netscape & BabyCenter in the US; Baidu, Ctrip, Tencent, Vancl and VinaGame in Asia; Vserv,, Apalya, Brainbees Solutions (, Valyoo Technologies, Sourcebits and Ozone Media in India.

Maverick Capital, Ltd.

Maverick Capital, Ltd. was found in 1993 and has been registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an Investment Adviser since 1994. Today Maverick has over $8 billion in assets.

Epiphany Ventures

Epiphany Ventures has raised $25 million to invest in value-driven, innovative and scalable business opportunities. Epiphany Ventures works with highly motivated, creative and focused groups of people who readily possess the intelligence, determination, and perseverance to create the "next big thing" in their sector.Its portfolio includes includes Vserv, iLevel, and Brattle Foods.

Board Members

Karan Mohla

Executive Director, IDG Ventures

Karan previously worked in the investment banking at Jefferies & Co and later with QVT Finance, a US hedge fund. He holds a BBA from the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan and an EMBA from INSEAD. Karan serves on the Board of Vserv and is a Board Observer for Brainbees Solutions ( and Kreeda Games.

Matthew Kinsella

Managing Director,, Maverick Capital

Matthew is the Managing Director at Maverick Capital since 2005. He serves on the boards of Upsight, Inc and HealthMine, Inc in addition to Vserv. Prior to joining Maverick, Matthew worked in the Alternative Investments Group at J.P. Morgan.

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