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May 28, 2013
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June 3, 2013

Corona Labs’ developers to experience the monetization power of the Vserv AppWrapper

When someone thinks of building apps the very first thing a developer thinks is which platform do I target first? The importance of the question grows exponentially for a developer building a game, as game development is usually a more intensive process. While there are a lot of cross platform game development tools there are a very few multiplatform Game Engines. One of the more popular cross platform Game Engine is Corona. It allows you to write apps and games in LUA which can then run on both iOS and Android devices.

While Corona Developers previously didn’t have to worry about multi platform development, they still had to deal with the complexity of integrating SDKs to monetize their Apps & Games. To simplify this challenge, we are very happy to announce our partnership with Corona Labs, so that their developers can experience the power of AppWrapper’s One Click App Monetization. The AppWrapper enables both, premium advertising & micro transaction based App Monetization, in One Click, without any coding. You can see how simple it is to use the AppWrapper here.

In addition, Corona developers can also use the Vserv SDKs for App Monetization across platforms. Irrespective of using the AppWrapper, or our SDKs, Corona’s 200,000 app developer community will have access to advertising powered by our game-changing Audience Pro platform.

With emerging markets, like India, rapidly growing into App consumption power houses, we are excited about this partnership, as it allows developers to leverage Vserv’s growing network and strength in emerging markets for more effective monetization.

To get started on monetizing your app, you can download the AppWrapper or SDK’s from here.


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