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December 1, 2014
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Dear marketer, are you geared up for the holiday season?



Chart 1 - Indexed Daily Ad RequestsThe holiday season approaches and consumers around the world will start making their gifting plans for their dear ones. It is also around this time that we witness an increase in the uptake of new devices and sales on app stores across all mobile platforms.

This translates into a corresponding increase in mobile ad inventory, as consumers are accessing more mobile apps and sites. Our exchange statistics suggest that December 2013 saw a 100% increase in ad requests during the Christmas week as compared to the rest of the month. (Refer to graph: Indexed Daily Ad Requests, Dec 2013)

Marketers also understand this consumer buying wave and realign their mobile marketing strategies to tap into the holiday buying sentiment. They spend 30% more on mobile advertising in Q4, than rest of the year and the numbers clearly indicate that they pump in more money on mobile advertising during the holiday season. The Christmas week of 2013 saw 12% more ads being delivered compared to the rest of the month. (Refer to graph: Indexed Growth in Ads (%))

Chart 2 - Indexed growth in Ads

The holiday season also means consumers are more receptive to mobile ads as they are already out in the market to buy products. This clearly reflects in numbers which indicate that there was a 25% increase in clicks in December 2013 when compared to November 2013.

We estimate that these numbers will only go up this year. However, to ensure that marketers make the most of the opportunity, besides realigning their budgets, they must also think of innovative ways to engage their consumers on mobile. Every year, consumer receptivity to mobile ads only goes up. By taking a smart data-led approach to serving consumers relevant, targeted and contextual ad content on mobile, marketers will see better results.

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