Indonesia has become one of the largest hubs when it comes to mobile application development. For this week, our Developer of the Week, Dedi Nirtadinata, comes from a beautiful and enchanting city called Yogyakarta, a special region in Java, Indonesia. It is renowned for its classical Javanese fine art and culture such as batik, ballet, drama, music, poetry, and puppet shows. So a technology innovator from this culturally rich place is certainly someone who stands out and is already making a mark in the mobile app ecosystem.Dedi Pic

Dedi Nirtadinata, is the oldest of the four brothers in his family. Being fascinated with technology since childhood he studied from Engineering and Information Technology at a University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. During his time there, in 2005 he was introduced to mobile application development by a lecturer. After having spent some time debating the nuances of learning mobile programming, he decided to take it on. That’s where he won several championships in technology, one of which is the Open Jive, 2009, held by Sun Microsystems and he also became the representative for Indonesia at the ASIA championship, held in Singapore.

While he started developing a mobile application for campus research purposes, simultaneously he also started developing his own mobile applications in January 2013. He made his first game application named Teka Teki Silang (TTS), which got a lot of fans in Indonesia as it is a unique crossword game in Indonesian language. One of the challenges he faced when he started working on the app was that Teka Teki Silang is usually played by people who did not have any Android smart phone. But he did not see the Teka Teki Silang as a game, but a platform for crossword publishers, and crossword lovers to connect. And to reassure his belief the success of the app proved his point and muted his critics & people who had doubts about the same. After launching in January 2013, the Teka Teki Silang game appears in 2nd place after WhatsApp on the top free of Google Play store. Within 1 month of the launch of the game had approximately 500,000 downloads.

Fact File
Name Dedi Nirtadinata
Location Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Connect Facebook
Apps Google Play Store

When asked about his association with he said that he was pleased with the support and assistance he received to help him monetize his app on the store.  “Vserv goes the extra mile by assisting me with my queries. Vserv has Ads that appear more attractive and interactive.” he said.

His inspiration undoubtedly is his programming lecturer. According to him the professor possessed brilliant ideas and instilled a spirit of entrepreneurship in his students. His future plans are to focus on a partnership with several crossword puzzles publishers to submit their crossword puzzles/crossword books into Teka Teki Silang and make some offline events like a crossword tournament. We hope that his plans materialize with great success and we wish him all the very best for what he aspires to do in the future.

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