Back in 1999, hardly anybody would have thought how mobile software development in Kenya will gain importance – as an income generator, growing employment & as a part of their financial infrastructure. With over 26 million mobile subscribers, Kenya has emerged as a hotbed of innovation in the area of mobile technology, software and services for mobile devices. Today, Kenya has become host to a flourishing ecosystem where numerous software applications, services and even social habits have emerged from the country’s aptitude, and appetite, for mobile platforms. Many developers are taking advantage of this appetite to make successful applications to cater to their consumers in a quest for driving innovation for an upwardly mobile group of people. One such innovator is our Developer of the Week Dickson Ndegwa, from Nairobi, who makes interesting utility and gaming apps on the Ovi store and Windows marketplace.Dickson

Dickson started off in a technology firm that developed mobile applications in Nairobi a few years ago. After working with them for a year or so, he branched out to be a freelance developer in order to advance his skills and build something inspiring. Some of the apps he’s built till date include EPL Sport Fixtures App, Nimbuss SMS, General Knowledge, Geo Game and Lumia Channel which specifically has more than 100,000 downloads!

While discussing on how monetization for his apps was tackled, he credits Vserv for their support & contribution to his App Development career. He states ecstatically ‘Vserv is by far the best Ad Exchange I have worked with! Their customer support mechanism is very neat & with such proactive feedback, my problems were always resolved quickly. I’d definitely thank them for making such excellent contributions to my career till date.’

Fact File
Name Dickson Ndegwa
Location Nairobi, Kenya
Connect Twitter
Apps Nokia Store, Mobango, Opera Store

Inspired by the m-lab Community & his fellow developers working there, Dickson aspires to startup his own Mobile App Development company & provide employment opportunities to talented folks who need a stepping stone to succeed in life. We wish him all the best & may his zest & entrepreneurial spirit drive other developers to think likewise!

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  1. sue says:

    Congratulations Dkey. This so encouraging. Its a great reward for hard work. Proud of you

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