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March 11, 2013
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March 25, 2013

Digiment (Norway)- Developer of The Week

Three decades ago, a 13 year old Norwegian Eirik Moseng started programming on the Commodore 64. Today, 41 year old Eirik, self taught programmer, serves as the Chairman of Digiment, an award winning independent game development company.


Being an avid fan of both the Commodore 64 & Amiga, Eirik started developing games in 1985. After stints as a Software Developer at two Norwegian companies, followed by freelance assignments for game development studios, the passionate gamer became an entrepreneur by founding Digiment in 1996. His vision was to create high quality casual games for PCs.

In 2002, after he bought his first Nokia 6610, a java enabled device with a color screen, he could not stop himself from building games for it. Eirik then was convinced that mobile was going to be huge in the coming years and switched Digiment’s focus to game development for java enabled phones. Today, Digiment creates apps across all platforms. One of their most popular titles include Marv The Miner series which has garnered millions in downloads across all platforms.

Being associated with an inspiring and passionate game developer like Eirik & his team, in their app monetization journey is a matter of great pride for us. When asked about his experience working with us, Eirik adds “Our monetization strategy is a mix of premium downloads and free versions backed by ads. The team at Vserv have helped us monetize in emerging markets and expand our reach and potential in places where it would nearly be impossible or extremely difficult for us to monetize. We look forward to a long association with them.”

Fact File
Name Digiment
Location UK & Norway
Connect Website, FacebookTwitter
Apps Ovi, Google Play, Amazon

Eirik is inspired by fellow game developers and his advice to newcomers in the space is to never give up on their ideas. When asked about his future plans he smilingly adds,”To create the next Angry Birds, just kidding, we want to continue doing what we do and scale new heights.”

We won’t be surprised if the next massively popular game does really come from Digiment. Here’s wishing them all the best for the coming years.

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