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February 2, 2016
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Why 'Digital India' should now be rebranded to 'Mobile India'


Today, India is transforming rapidly into a digital economy. With the government's ‘Digital India’ initiative in action, this change is all set to be fast-tracked. The Internet has revolutionized companies across sectors with all of them now going digital as a conscious decision rather than an afterthought.

Just when the country has started warming up to the idea of a ‘Digital India', it is going through another transformation which is the rapid proliferation of smartphones. The once ubiquitous ‘desktop-first' era is rapidly drawing to a close as smartphones have caused a major shift in our lifestyles and disrupted the digital space.

Consumers are using smartphones for multiple purposes such as utility, entertainment and not purely for communication. With evolving consumer preferences, companies from a range of sectors like food, entertainment, retail, travel, banking, education etc. are now taking the E-commerce route to reach out to the always connected consumer.

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