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An ‘Edge’ above the rest: Samsung Galaxy Note Edge launch campaign


Samsung Galaxy Note Edge mobile ad featuredSamsung’s Galaxy Note line of smartphones have become immensely popular over the past few years. Considered to be the first commercially successful examples of “phablets”, Samsung has created a market of its own with its Galaxy Note series.

To amplify this success further, Samsung recently launched the Galaxy Note Edge. Samsung wanted to position the Galaxy Note Edge as a trendsetter of the new second screen wave in India. Their aim was to create brand awareness and a buzz around Samsung's 'Curved is the new Flat' theme.

Showcasing Samsung as pioneers of the 'Curved second screen' wave
The brand was looking to target tech-savvy smartphone users in India who wish to be technology trendsetters. This set of users are always looking to upgrade to the latest technology in the market. Their choice of a new device is often based on the uniqueness in features that the new device has to offer.

The idea was to showcase the Galaxy Note Edge as an awe-inspiring technology designed for doing things differently with its unique edge screen. This was executed with a full-screen rich media mobile ad that would demonstrate the smartphone's unique screen to the user in a highly engaging manner.

Curved is the new flat: Enjoying the 'Edge' experience with a unique mobile ad
Having tasted success with mobile ad campaigns that showcase the features of a smartphone, we decided to take this idea to the next level. Emulating a key feature of the Note 4 on other smartphones was an innovative and apt way of showcasing the features of the Note Edge.

The ad was pushed to both mobile web and in-app inventories of Vserv's premium set of local publishers. The rich media ad opened up with a title 'Experience the Edge of Brilliance' along with a strip of information, emulating the Edge experience of the screen. It was followed by an image of the Galaxy Note Edge, along with its key features. The user was prompted to touch to experience the phone, following which the ad redirected the user to Samsung's Note Edge India website.

Cutting-edge success
The campaign achieved its objectives and surpassed all targets crossing 3.6 million impressions in just 3 days. The mobile ad campaign was able to successfully reach out to the target audience and showcase the innovative Edge screen technology on the Galaxy Note Edge in an innovative and engaging manner. It was also able to generate a good interest among the target audience and created a high level of brand awareness around the launch.


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