educastudio-teamIndonesia’s recent social media statistics are quite astounding! With more than 43 million Facebook accounts and 19 million Twitter users, Indonesia is Asia’s second most socially active nation (according to Indonesia New Digital Nation Report). This is quite a contrast as compared to the amount of technology consumed by the country today; many Indonesians are still discovering the various uses of mobile phones. While the country is still exploring its true potential, they’re also witnessing a strong digital and social media undercurrent. Focusing on that very undercurrent and testing its waters is Andi Taru Nugroho’s Educa Studio; a gaming development company targeting the education sector.

Educa Studio was established in 2011 with a vision to develop quality educational games across all platforms. In their initial days, Nugroho primarily aimed at churning out as many interactive mobile apps as they could. With each gaming app developed, they were determined to test their ability and improve their skills. They soon started paying attention to the market dynamics trying to zero in on their target audience and demand. One of his most popular game includes ‘Marbel Mengaji’ which has been downloaded by more than 500,000 users!

With regards to monetizing his apps, Nugroho uses a couple of networks but he highly relies on platforms like Vserv to garner the best result . While explaining why he opted for Vserv, Nugroho says, “ has been a great choice for us as it provides an amazing fill-rate for our apps. These are very important for a studio in an emerging market like ours as we use these ads as a revenue model.”

Fact File
Name Educa Studio
Location Indonesia
Connect WebsiteFacebook
Apps Play Store

Talking about people who inspire him, Nugroho looks up to Steve Jobs as his role model and wishes to build his business in a similar fashion. Nugroho is currently focussing on expanding Educa Studio to develop more apps for Android, iOS and Windows platforms. He also wants to gradually port versions of these apps online where more and more people can enjoy them. With Indonesia’s expanding mobile phone user market, we’re confident of Educa Studio making a strong mark in the future of  building interactive apps.

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