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March 17, 2014
Vserv empowers print publishers across Emerging Markets to leapfrog into the mobile medium through it's unique Appification Initiative
March 20, 2014

Empowering Print Publishers across Emerging Markets via Appification


There has been a seismic change in the digital world today which is transforming the way we consume information. The rapid proliferation of smartphones has given rise to an App'onomy and a whole new universe of digital content.  This paradigm shift is driving the focus of marketers, publishers and almost every brand to the Mobile medium. Riding this juggernaut, we are elated to empower print publishers across Emerging Markets to leapfrog into the mobile medium through our unique 'Appification' Initiative.  Over the past year, we have "app"ified over 100 publications in multiple languages across categories like women, technology, health, media, news, sports etc.

Looking at the trends of data consumption which is slowly migrating from Print, we saw an opportunity to address this through various models. The ever-growing population of Mobile Internet users and the popularity of apps in Emerging Markets give us an “app”ortunity to help Publishers reach a wider audience. To cater to the needs of Publishers and their audience, we are thrilled to roll out over 100 apps across languages, categories and operating systems. Till now, this initiative has strongly benefited over 30 publishers which include Rajasthan Patrika, Vaartha, India Today, Pioneer Book Co, Vikatan Group, Asianet, Bindiya Group, Upkar Prakashan, Eenadu, EFY Group, Cyber Media Group, Detikcom, Wolipop, Antara News, Suara Merdeka, KasaKusuk and others. We aim to deliver the same for more such esteemed publishers across the region.


The key for the growth of mobile media consumption in Emerging Markets essentially lies in delivering multilingual content through apps. The initiative will help us be a catalyst to the mobile app ecosystem and give us the privilege to help the publishers use this medium effectively. Brands can leverage this medium to reach out their next billion customers; especially the right customers through proper targeting with the content in their local language. The targeting can be very well achieved by carefully observing the readership patterns and content preferences of the audience which will be delivered right on their mobile phones. While delivering the right content to the right audience, the ability to monetize the app gives our strategy an extra edge, providing an alternate revenue model. The direct advantage of leveraging the app ecosystem for delivering this content is the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets which helps them to stay updated with the news on the go. This definitely is a big avenue for traditional publishers to better connect and resonate with their customers.

Through our expertise and as part of our constant innovation, we will enable content for publishers across languages such as English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, Malayalam, Bahasa, Malay, Swahili and many more to be added soon. For better reach and usability, the Appification strategy has been devised across operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows etc.


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