One of the many reasons Steve Jobs was successful was that he had the courage to follow his heart and intuition over anything else. He also, famously said that “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”. Deeply inspired by Steve Jobs, Bangalore based Prabhakar followed his heart and passion for mobile gaming and founded Eoxys in 2010.

Vserv-EoxysPrabhakar and his team strongly believed that mobile gaming was the future and focussed their entire efforts on the same. They wanted to grow organically and started out with becoming developer partners for Nokia. Their first game was the Traditional Snake & Ladder. With experience, they fine tuned their game development capabilities & within a short span of time, have crossed over 10 million downloads on the Nokia Ovi Store. Some of their popular games include Grow Fish, Cycle Boy, Animal Transformer Run, Ninja Dragon Rider, Cycle Boy 3D amongst others.

The self belief and drive of the team at Eoxys is infectious and we are delighted that they chose to partner with us on their mobile journey. Elaborating on the partnership, Prabhakar states: “We quickly realized that the paid download model was not working for us and decided to switch to In-App ads. Working with Vserv has addressed our monetization concerns, allowing us to channel our efforts into developing high quality mobile apps. We look forward to a long and successful association with the professional folks at Vserv.”

Fact File
Name Eoxys
Location India
Connect WebsiteFacebook
Apps Ovi, Google Play

Their advice to fellow developers is to never give up on their idea. With future plans of expanding their portfolio across multiple platforms, we are sure that Prabhakar and his team will keep following their heart and build great apps in the coming years.

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