Within a week’s travel in the African continent, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt was impressed enough to say “Nairobi has emerged as a serious tech hub and may become the African leader.”

Nicknamed as the Silicon Savannah of Africa, this tech hub of Africa has made a mark on the global digital map by witnessing a tremendous tech boom in the recent years, largely due to the success of the famous M-Pesa and Ushahidi apps. Evans Ndegwa with his team at Muva, a web & mobile development company, are trying to make a mark in the digital revolution engulfing Nairobi today.

Evans earned his Masters Degree in Mobile Telecommunication and Innovation & is passionate about how mobile devices are being put to various uses – Entertainment, Information, Payment of Bills etc. He began his journey in the mobile app space during the 2007-08 election chaos. Concerned about the situation of his country, he was motivated to create an app ‘Photos 4 Peace’ – where the Power of Mobile as a platform was leveraged & the app now has more than 350,000 downloads across several stores! This led him to founding Muva, which today undertakes mobile development contracts to create free or paid apps and games for clients. Some of the other popular apps developed by Evans and his team include Kenya @ a Glance, Smart-Shop and Shopping List amongst others.

Speaking on his experience about AppWrapper (our patent pending – “One Click” App Monetization platform), Evans expresses, “AppWrapper gave us a good start as our existing apps didn’t include ads on it. To avoid coding them again, Vserv helped us wrap them & re-upload it to the stores which became our primary source of revenue. I’d highly recommend AppWrapper for developers like us who are time & effort conscious.”

Fact File
Name Muva
Location Nairobi, Kenya
Connect Website, Twitter
Apps Play Store. Nokia Store, Blackberry World, Opera Store

Inspired by the success of gaming giants like Rovio & Fruit Ninja, Evans plans to develop apps that would possess high degree of virality. An interesting piece of advice he’d like to share with his peers “Set ambitious goals & work towards achieving them. And just like Rovio saw its big day before its 52nd version of Angry Birds, you might have your day too!”

With plans to develop fun & educative games /apps that would reach a global audience, Evans passion to compete with the likes of Rovio is worth noting. It’s always a great joy, to see developers, live their dream in today’s flat ‘App’ified world, where one’s growth is only limited by their imagination.

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