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Finding jobs made easy on mobile with Search Intent


Careers24 creativeSearching for jobs online and finding the right one, is a tedious process. With many different types of job profiles, innumerable companies, reaching to the right person or company in such a crowded environment is never easy.

Careers24, a key player in the job portal space, wanted to change this. The company was looking to capture mobile audience in Nigeria, generate brand awareness and drive more traffic on its job portal site. It was also aiming for an increase in the total number of applications on its portal (more conversions).

Everytime job seekers visit a job portal they are usually looking for a job that best fits their skills. It is this very premise of search that Vserv wanted Careers24 to capitalize on, via mobile.

A mobile ad that searches the job for you

A mobile ad campaign was created targeting all job seekers in Nigeria who are also smartphone users. An HTML5 ad was created, utilizing Vserv's  innovative ad format РSearch Intent,  that combines the power of search and mobile ads.

This format is designed to help marketers attain relevant consumers and facilitate their buying decisions via a seamless in-ad search strategy. The ad format leverages user intent and deep linking to drive relevant consumers to the right purchase funnel. With search intent, Careers24 would be able to leverage user intent to drive its target audience to the right job profile.

The mobile ad was pushed across all the apps and sites that the target audience was known to frequently access. All that the job seekers had to do was to enter the search keyword based on their requirements. The keywords are used to qualify the user based on his intent and they would be taken directly to the Careers24 website with the corresponding search results.

Alternatively the ad also gave the option to explore the most frequently searched jobs by just tapping on them. This option could also be used by recruiters to drive traffic to a particular type of job profile.

Why it worked?

The mobile ad campaign made it really convenient for job seekers to search for jobs. It saved them the time involved in searching for and accessing websites, scrolling through innumerable jobs, searching the right job and then arriving at a potentially desired result.

For Careers24, mobile gave a wider platform to reach out to many job seekers and create awareness. The ad saw close to 70,000 impressions and over 3600 clicks, delivering a CTR of 5.18% and over 4300 searches.

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