FORFICTION-mobile-vservThere is a common thread that binds most geeks across the world. Whether it involves settling a lawsuit by having a Quake 3 match, or a crowd reacting to the impossible happening in a DOTA match, geeks have a passion unchallenged towards video games. For many, this passion combined with their creative drive leads them to also start developing their own games. One such group is a small but creative gaming house: Forfiction Mobile.

Based out of Hungary, Forfiction Mobile is a 3 member gaming house who met each other because of their love for video games. They started off when Tamás, a cooperative trainee of Nokia Siemens Networks,  got  together with Krisztián, a passionate artist, and built their first game Back 2 The School. The app was aimed to help improve the Math, Music, Logic skills. Down the line Tamás met Zoltán, an industry veteran by day and merciless quality assurance agent by night. It did not take long for the geeks to realize that they shared a common passion and Zoltán joined their team.

Fact File
Name ForFiction mobile
Location Hungary
Connect Website, Twitter,Facebook
Apps Nokia

The move to mobile was an easy decision for them. Tamás who was introduced to mobile development during a course at the university, quickly realized that mobile was a great platform for an indie developer to start on. It did not need a lot of resources in terms of investment or manpower. and a small team could easily make something fun, engaging and globally popular.

A few of their top apps are Night Lamp & Heart Monitor with over 350k cumulative downloads. They started off with paid apps, but did not generate enough traction. They soon switched and achieved success with an Ad supported model. When asked about their relationship with Tamás stated  “Vserv provided us with an easy-to-use AppWrapper enabling us to monetize our applications with just ‘one-click’. We are seeing great results!”

They are inspired by the iconic John Carmack and his famous quote ‘It’s done, when it’s done.”. Another inspiration is the Pico Brothers, a development house which has achieved great success through mobile app development. With their current early stage growth, we are sure they are on the path to achieving millions of downloads. They will soon launch their first sports title this month titled “Flick Soccer”, here is a preview:

Given their strong creative drive they can’t stay way from Photoshop and their Wacom Bamboo Capture tablet.

Their current focus involves increasing the number of devices they support. They are also developing more games in the logic & sports genres, and a few useful utilities. The entire team at wishes them all the best for their future.



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