Qliqi-vservYou maybe 14 or 45, video games still prove to be the most entertaining pass-time across ages. Be it casual games like Angry Birds & Fruit Ninja or more serious games like Halo & World of Warcraft, gaming on the mobile has grown leaps and bounds and is challenging it’s big brother on both, the casual and serious front. While travelling, it’s hard not to find someone glued to their mobile screens playing a game.

Fact File
Name Gal Zohar & Rani Rimon
Location Israel
Connect Website, Youtube
Apps Nokia Store

One of our developers saw this massive opportunity and decided to build an app that would let people play multiple games from a single app. Imagine, you not having to download all the different games you loved separately, and no longer dealing with constant updates to get new features, levels and fixes. Downloading one app would open your device to multiple games. Qliqi, a company founded in 2010 by Gal Zohar and Rani Rimon, built a unique solution that provides an “On-device gaming portal”. The user only has to install a thin client that is used to play a variety of games across different platforms. It’s cloud based platform delivers a unique and innovative user experience across platforms ranging from high-end smartphones to low-end feature phones running on Java. Their current popular games include, Monster Quest, Bubble Buster and Farmnix. The games are so engaging that some gamers have clocked more than 30 hours a week on the platform.

Gal, the CEO of the company comes with a rich background in Internet advertising and marketing, while Rani, the VP of R&D has more than 10 years of experience in mobile gaming. They decided to use the Ad-supported business model to monetize their platform, thus allowing them to distribute their games for free to a large market. Gal also states that Average Revenue per User (ARPU) is very sensitive to the eCPM generated; hence partnering with Vserv.mobi and leveraging the AppWrapper was a simple decision. Gal states: “Vserv’s high eCPMs and fill-rates coupled with the innovative AppWrapper has helped us in saving time and generating higher revenues, both essential for startups”.

Working in such a competitive space, Qliqi’s advice for its peers is simple, innovate and build a unique proposition to stand out, this makes it easy to market your app to both consumers and business partners. Qliqi is planning to broaden the social features to further differentiate it from it’s competitors. They are also focused on improving the user experience across platforms and building platform specific innovations.

As social gaming becomes the next big thing, we hope to see Qliqi with even broader horizons, and wish them all the best.

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