Vietnam is amongst those countries where mobile phone ownership is even higher as compared to developed markets, coming in at 90%! Global companies looking for the next ‘low cost technology outsourcing’ opportunity are flocking to Vietnam, which compared to India or China, attracts 40% less IT labor costs & has a rapidly growing USD $2.3 billion dollar software and digital content industry. Leveraging Vietnam’s large population & high penetration of Mobile & Internet, Game HD, a sub-brand of B-Gate Corp, tries to belt out some of the most innovative and interesting games in this market.


Game HD was founded in 2011 with the sole purpose of developing fascinating & innovative games; much away from the mainstream kinds! Despite the classic startup challenges, GameHD garnered success with its popular creations like Porio, Volleyball, Sky War, Fish Frenzy & such other quirky, yet highly addictive games. GameHD is a self-motivated team with a dream of becoming one of the largest Gaming Mobile App Developers & endeavors to entertain their audience with the quality mobile app games!

Talking about their experience with us, the team at GameHD say, “ has helped us see an exponential growth in our fill rates which was a challenging part for us earlier. The high eCPMs & fill rate powered by Vserv’s AppWrapper technology enabled us to reach & maintain much higher revenues! Working with them has made our life simple!”

Fact File
Name GameHD
Location Hanoi, Vietnam
Connect Website
Apps Play Store

GameHD draws its inspiration from innovative products built in the market by Rovio, & Popcap’s of the world. Their advice to budding developers is to come up with creative products that would help them build a strong foundation in their app journey. We wish the GameHD team all the very best for their future and hope they stay true to their motto of “Creation Nonstop”.

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