As we recently highlighted – India has become an App Superpower. It is fast emerging as one of the top consumer of mobile games. Capitalizing on this boom is Hyderabad based Gameshastra.

Vserv-GameshastraGameshastra was initially conceived with the idea of being an outsourcing arm to gaming companies worldwide. With the growth of the gaming industry, they decided to venture into developing their own games. They developed their first series of India based games on the Sony Playstation platform. With ‘Mobile’ fast becoming the primary device for most gamers, they decided to venture into developing mobile apps. The first mobile app they came out with was conceptualized around the remake of the iconic Bollywood cult film ‘Don 2’ and was an instant success. Race 2, World Ping Pong Championship and Rangy Lil are some of their popular apps amongst others.

Gameshastra’s growth as an organization has been tremendous and we are delighted that they chose to partner with us on their app monetization journey. On partnering with Vserv, Shaurya Tyagi from Gameshastra states, “Vserv’s AppWrapper technology enables rich full screen ads on our apps without hindering the gaming experience of the end user. It is definitely one of the most innovative products out there and has saved us significant time & coding effort.”

Fact File
Name Gameshastra
Location India
Connect Facebook, Twitter, Website
Apps Play Store

They derive their Inspiration from peers like Imangi Studios – who not only made exciting games, but also monetized them well. Their advice to fellow game developers is to think about monetization right from the start – so that developers don’t miss out on revenues once the game becomes popular.

Having already established their presence across India, USA, UK & Japan, their plans include focussing on building an ecosystem where bollywood fans can be entertained with mobile games around their favourite movies even after they have finished watching the movie. We are sure that the folks at Gameshastra will continue entertaining audiences with their amazing movie gaming apps and wish them all the best.

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