According to a McKinsey Report, Indonesia is well on course to becoming the 7th Largest Economy in the world. The report further states that it will be positioned as a Mobile & Digital Nation in the coming decade. Kompas Gramedia – one of Indonesia’s largest multimedia publishers is well placed to leverage this medium & surge ahead. It also houses a team of three developers namely Mario Nicolas, Fajar and Adi who form the core team at Gramedia Majalah.

Gramedia Majalah

Mario, Fajar and Adi started pretty much like everyone else; learning and experimenting as they built their first app a couple of years ago. Not being equipped with a Programmer or Developer background, Mario is pretty well versed with the way Apps function. Within no time, this cohesive unit has built apps across multiple platforms. Some of their well known apps include Intisari, iDEA, Infokomputer, Kawanku.etc.

On associating with Vserv for monetizing their Apps, Mario Nicholas, Assistant Business Manager – Digital Media says “Since we primarily have news based apps, In-App ads are the most effective way to monetize our inventory. Vserv’s AppWrapper technology has helped us immensely by creating a customised platform for our team. Moreover, significant amount of time was saved on the technology aspect as a lot of our efforts would have been invested in building such an advanced engine.”

Fact File
Name Gramedia Majalah
Location Indonesia
Connect About Mario
Apps Play Store

Inspired by the likes of Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Jonathan Ive, Mario’s advice to aspiring developers is simple, – “Keep developing, don’t fear failures & if you do, make sure you work harder & compete with yourself efficiently as that will be your defining moment!”

With current plans focussing on their latest App – Thumbstory which is a short story sharing platform, we wish them all the best for their future endeavours.

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