After weeks of crazy number crunching and data analysis, here’s presenting to you our Global Marketplace Annual Growth report. Some pretty impressive set of figures, highlighting the changing contours of the mobile advertising industry in emerging markets.

Here is a peek at the key highlights:

Vserv clocks a staggering 308% growth in Ad Requests

Numbers never lie. And the truth is that in the last one year, we have reached a massive scale and clocked 308% growth in mobile Ad Requests on our platform. In the last quarter (Jan – Mar 2012) alone, we served 37 Billion Ad Requests. With our superior AppWrapper  technology that’s been ‘wow’ing the developer and advertiser community, we’re really excited about maintaining our ferocious growth momentum.

Emerging markets lead the surge

The network witnessed tremendous growth across all emerging markets given that mobile is becoming the ‘primary’ screen in these markets. Apps on Feature phones are becoming the first point of experiencing the Internet, and Mobile Internet usage is quickly outpacing desktop internet usage in emerging markets. is uniquely poised to ride this growth wave, with it’s innovative AppWrapper technology that powers ads on both feature phones & smart phones Apps. Markets like Latin America topped the charts having witnessed a growth of 61 times over the last year. Other emerging markets such as India, Middle East and Africa, South East Asia also reported tremendous growth, all powered by the AppWrapper platform.

Impact is the new norm

Over the last one year, the clicks inventory has increased by 5 times & now has 41% clicks originating from Premium Full Screen Ads powered by the unique AppWrapper. Premium inventory clicks have grow by 18 times over the past year driven by demand from brand advertisers, and developers seeking powerful monetization. With almost half of all clicks coming from full screen inventory, is uniquely poised as an Mobile Ad Network with premium impactful inventory at global scale.

Increasing ‘App’titude for feature phones

 Rapid technological advances have led to even basic feature phones being capable of internet access & running apps. Users in emerging markets are rapidly adopting such feature phones and experiencing the Internet for the first time. App download and consumption has seen a tremendous surge on feature phone platforms, with App stores such as Nokia reporting over 13 Million downloads/day. Powered by the  AppWrapper, is the only Global Mobile Ad Network with App inventory on both feature phones and smart phones.  Smart phones contributed to 32% of Ad inventory, with the rest coming from Feature phones by brands like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG and Micromax.

Evidently, the last year has been a pretty spectacular run for our team and we are heads down, pursuing our strategy to be the leading Mobile Ad Network in Emerging Markets. Stay tuned as we continue to unravel the Mobile Advertising space and bring you amazing insights about the Mobile Ecosystem in subsequent blogs. Do check out our entire report here and write into us with your comments. You can also catch us on Twitter and GPlus. Happy reading!

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