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December 31, 2013
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January 6, 2014

Here’s how Kansai Nerolac showcased its new Weather Defense formula with a mobile ad


NerolacKansai Nerolac is the world leader in industrial paints & the second largest decorative paint company in the world. In India, they are based out of Mumbai. The company had then recently launched its Excel range of paints for homes; with a unique Weather Defence Formula that protects the house from extreme weather conditions.

The brand went the conventional way with a TV commercial featuring popular Indian movie star Shah Rukh Khan; their brand ambassador. However, Kansai Nerolac wanted to combine the traditional method with a new and interesting way of promoting its new rage of paints and opted for a mobile-based approach.

The idea was to introduce Nerolac Excel and showcase its unique Weather Defence Formula to the target audience in an engaging manner. A mobile ad campaign targeting affluent tech-savvy men between 27 to 35 years of age residing in independent houses in metropolitan cities was created. This audience is decision maker in terms of materials used to maintain their homes against wear and tear. Since the campaign addressed tech-savvy men, it was rolled out on smartphones that can access Wi-Fi, applications and premium news sites.

The campaign was planned as a rich media HTML5 creative concept. The ad introduced the users to a house in a deteriorating condition due to extreme weather conditions such extreme sunlight and rains. The users were asked to save the house by choosing an option of using Nerolac exterior paints as opposed to normal paints. They could witness a marked difference after using Nerolac thereby leading him to the TVC with a call to action.

The primary aim of the campaign to showcase the product and engage the audience was accomplished with great success. The campaign delivered a total of 2.1 million impressions with 2.5% CTR. More than 800 complete video views were recorded. As this was their first ever campaign with a mobile interactive element, Nerolac was happy with the positive response registered.

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