2002 was a notable year in the history of Russia. Russia won 5 Gold, 4 Silver and 4 Bronze medals at the Winter Olympics held in Salt Lake City, USA. The Russian dance duo t.A.T.u had topped the European pop charts. In the same year, a large meteorite crashed in the Vitim river basin in Siberia. While all this was happening, 5 young students were busy living their dream of developing mobile games. We are talking about HeroCraft, a mobile game development company that was started in 2002 in Kaliningrad, Russia


Pavel Prokonich-CEO, HeroCraft

Most great success stories have humble beginnings. HeroCraft was no different. Back in 2002, Java development posed a whole host of problems, from 100kb file size limits, to device fragmentation coupled with the walled-garden approach of operators towards e-commerce. There were plenty of technical challenges and roadblocks along the way, but none strong enough to break the resolve of the HeroCraft team towards game development. The team was convinced that mobile game development was the future & their belief soon bore fruit. With the advent of Android & iPhone devices, their business took off and since then it has been an incredible journey. HeroCraft recently celebrated it’s 10th anniversary on 17th Dec. Today, they employ over 100 passionate employees in offices across Europe and have just moved into a brand new office. HeroCraft  enjoys ‘Top Developer’ status on Google Play and is a ‘Top 5’ Nokia Store Publisher having racked up more than 50 million downloads.

Some of their popular games include:

  • Farm Frenzy– the Android version of ‘Farm Frenzy’, a time-management game licensed by Alawar Entertainment, dominated the Google Play Top 10 for many months.
  • Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim– has also been a chart topper across most territories and was highly praised by The New York Times
  • Tiny Bang Story– a lovingly hand-drawn hidden object game set in a steampunk inspired world has also received very positive feedback

Over the years, they have developed a good feel on the pulse of their target audience. CEO Pavel believes that there are plenty of consumers who simply dislike paying for games. To make sure that their gaming titles reach as many people as possible, HeroCraft utilizes a combination of different monetization models be it in-app purchasing or ad-funded ‘free to play’ options  to ensure a strong and steady flow of revenues across multiple platforms & demographics.

Google’s informal mantra “Don’t be evil” is the most frequently used line at various board meetings at Herocraft. The team believes in playing fair and not referring to users as statistics & value the importance of having a loyal fan base. Money is a means to an end & not an end in itself for Pavel and his team.

Partnering with the passionate & idealistic team at HeroCraft is our privilege and we are proud of working with them. Sharing his perspective CEO Pavel mentioned “Vserv’s AppWrapper technology has allowed us to effectively and efficiently integrate ads into our games without impacting lead times for our next project. This is crucial in ensuring we monetize our apps and make great new games as soon as the previous one is launched”

Fact File
Name HeroCraft
Location Russia
Connect Facebook, Twitter
Apps Android, Nokia, App Store

HeroCraft’s advice to fellow developers is to focus on the fundamentals and make interesting, fun and sometimes ground-breaking games. Pavel further adds  “Games, like food, when cooked with love, are always much tastier. If you don’t love making your games, chances are your customers won’t love playing them either”

Having already carved a niche for itself as a top notch mobile game development company, HeroCraft plans to continue churning out fresher newer games catering to all audiences with a combination of popular brands and exciting new in-house IP. We are sure that whenever a new platform comes out, Herocraft will be ready for it. We wish Pavel & his team a Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year ahead. May their apps become part of game development folklore!

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