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The secret sauce to cook up the perfect mobile video ad experience
May 24, 2016
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Three more ways to guarantee greater user engagement for your mobile video ads
May 31, 2016

The Holy Grail of starting up - a memo


The article is an opinion piece written by Dippak Khurana, Founder & CEO, Vserv.

Starting up is much like getting on to a roller coaster – you love it, but it WILL make you dizzy. The faint-hearted may even get off before the ride takes off, while others come back considerably wasted. In my experience of starting up Vserv and watching it grow over these 6 years, I’ve come to learn – and unlearn – many lessons, and along the way, I’ve tried to carpe every diem. Here are some of my most poignant takeaways from the journey so far, of what I’ve learned from those around me, the mistakes that I’ve made and corrected, and some of the sights and smells that I’ve come to love about this wonderful experience we call starting-up. You can read the full story on The Economic Times.



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