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March 6, 2018
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Hyundai Verna draws quality engagement: Captivates over 26,000 users with Vserv Authentic Data




Hyundai launched an all new Hyundai Verna sedan for Indian consumers and wished to engage with a relevant audience.


Captivate the most relevant audience and draw them to experience the new sedan.

Vserv Solution

For Hyundai to have an impactful reach, we leveraged Vserv Authentic Data that has 328 million authentic user profiles with over 70+ attributes assigned to them. Our data pool enabled us to identify relevant audience from a range of categories that included auto lovers, salaried employees and SME professionals. We then targeted this niche audience segment on mobile apps and sites with a unique and appealing ad.

The display ad campaign introduced the design and craft of the next gen Hyundai Verna sedan to users and coaxed them to book a test drive from the 'Test Drive Today' CTA button. On clicking on the CTA, users were taken to the Hyundai website, where an interested buyer could make an appointment to experience the new sedan at a Hyundai outlet in their preferred city.


Results for Hyundai


Our audience targeting for Hyundai ensured great success as more than 26,000 users showed interest in test driving the new sedan. Engaging with the desired audience, the campaign garnered over 1.8 million impression and an overall CTR of 1.46%.

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