‘Your Audience Matters More Than Your Idea’ is a common say in the App Developer’s world. As the Mobile App market has matured in the West, many developers today are focusing on Developing Countries or ‘Emerging Markets’ as we popularly term it. Explosive growth in the past few years within these emerging markets has projected a great opportunity for developers from U.S.A. & Europe. And what’s more! They are expected to grow even further in the coming few years. Touted as the ‘next 1 billion market’, Mobile Internet will undoubtedly see a flourishing time in Emerging Markets which will attract a great volume of audience for developers. One such individual who aspires to leverage the growth in these emerging markets to increase his reach is our Developer of the Week, Imran Shafiq. Working as a software developer in the Health-care industry professionally, Imran is also a games publisher under the name of Dangling Concepts during his spare time.Dangling Concepts

Shafiq’s enthusiasm for gaming began as a child, when he envisioned creating games he liked playing. While pursuing his degree in Computer Engineering, he began developing such apps in his free time. It was only after the launch of Windows Phone did he publish his game commercially. He now operates under the name of Dangling Concepts which he handles solely and manages a multi-faceted role for it. Some of his famous games are Air Soccer Fever with over 1.6 million downloads and Sea Quest with over 150,000 downloads till date.

Shafiq, like many others, uses in-app ads to monetize his games. As a developer based out of the US, Imran intended to reach out to a user base in Emerging Markets where he foresaw maximum potential for his Apps. On working with Vserv, Imran expresses “I had tried & tested various ad platforms & aggregators but Vserv emerged as the best choice for me. Keeping Developing Markets as my priority, Vserv helped me in providing ads targeted towards these emerging markets. Their platform & service is extremely sound which provides a robust business model for Dangling Concept’s games. In terms of revenue & fill rates, I’d definitely rate them as a preferred partner for our app monetization strategy.”

Fact File
Name Dangling Concepts
Location USA
Connect Website, Twitter, Facebook, Blog
Apps Play Store. Windows Store

After having spent a couple of years in this field, Shafiq advises his peers to emphasize on learning’s from their failures that would help them in succeeding quickly. With plans to expand & publish a range of interesting games, we wish Imran great success & hope he continues to inspire other developers to create such exciting games!

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