ZDNet recently featured our company in an authored article that talks about Vserv’s growth plans, products and the mobile advertising ecosystem. Read the full article on ZDNet & find below a brief excerpt from the story.

Dippak Khurana - Vserv (1)

The world is witnessing a steep increase in the number of smartphone users today. Phones, tablets and phablets are the game changers in communication industry, paving great opportunity for developers, marketers and publishers. Our CEO Dippak Khurana realized this long back and started Vserv.mobi which tapped in to the emerging markets to help the developers to monetize their applications  through a “developer-first approach and philosophy”.

Founded in 2010, Vserv.mobi aims to be the #1 Mobile Advertising network in the emerging markets and to be $100 million industry by 2015.

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