Today, India has over 160 million smartphone users. What these users do with their devices on a daily basis, can tell us a lot about them. Their daily interactions with their smartphones generates vast amount of information, that when analyzed effectively, can help marketers engage them with relevant offerings.

Presenting our first Smartphone User Persona Report (SUPR) 2015 for India. Based on a study conducted by Nielsen Informate Mobile Insights, the report provides an in-depth understanding of the growing Indian smartphone user base and their usage patterns. It segments these users into six key user personas: App Junkies, Social Stars, Conversationalists, Entertainment Buffs, Utilitarians and Dabblers; and provides rich insights about each of them such as app usage, time spent on the device and data consumption patterns.

This inforgraphic gives a detailed snapshot of SUPR 2015 for India.

Smartphone User Persona Report

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