With our Smartphone User Persona Report (SUPR) 2015 for India we mapped smartphone users in the country to six unique user personas. However, no two countries have the same culture or lifestyle, nor do they have the same kind of smartphone users. Smartphone users in one country might do things very differently than those in another.

With our SUPR for Indonesia and the recent SUPR for Philippines we proved this belief and brought to the market, some never before known insights about smartphone users in these countries. Continuing on this endeavor, we looked at mapping smartphone usage across Malaysia with SUPR for Malaysia. While doing so, we found that Malaysian smartphone users spend a whopping 187 minutes per day on their devices, higher than that spent by all smartphone users across the entire Southeast Asia.

SUPR for Malaysia also revealed that 64% of the country’s smartphone users are under 30 years of age. The report maps these users to six key smartphone user personas: Data Guzzlers, Dabblers, App junkies, Power Users, Utilitarians and Social Stars and provides rich insights into each persona’s app usage, time spent on various apps, data consumption patterns and their demographics.

To know more about these user personas from Malaysia check out the infographic below:


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