From being known as an agricultural country, Slovakia has evolved over the years and is being noticed for its innovative contributions and science programs. It is quite an achievement considering the fact that Slovakia didn’t have any modern universities until 1918. This country today is recognized amongst its peers to be on par with Italy, Spain & Greece in terms of technological advancements. One of the many contributors to such a turn of events in Slovakia is an Innovation Firm called Inlogic Software – based out of Banska Bystrica.Inlogic Logo

Inlogic Software began their operations in 2006 prior to which it was an individual venture. Initially their scope of business only included developing games for Java and Symbian devices as they were more popular back then. However with the growth & demand for smartphones, they shifted their attention to crafting games and apps for the Android platform. Today Inlogic develops apps for feature phones, smart phones and tablets. Some of their most popular games include Felix the Devil, Pizza Ninja; that has been sold to over 300,000 customers world-wide, and Don’t Fall Off; which was distributed by EA Games.

A team so young, dynamic & creative; Inlogic’s will to develop Games & Apps has been led by a simple vision to spread happiness through their creations.

Monetization has been an equally tough journey for Inlogic’s team primarily because firms in Slovakia cannot sell apps directly unless they open a foreign account on Google Play. Freemium ads were the only to monetize games on Google Play. This tedious process ended when they partnered with & here’s what Jan Kalafut, CEO of Inlogic software had to say “Vserv has helped us with a methodological approach to monetize our games. Their monetization tool – AppWrapper has been very user-friendly, sound & a fantastic platform for our advertising solutions. To top it all, their customer service is excellent which made our experience even better.”

The team at Inlogic has been studying the trends in Mobile App markets globally & from a futuristic point of view, they foresee ‘free to play’ games as a huge segment to be tapped for In-app purchases & ads. Social Platform Games is another new segment for them & they’ve begun by launching their first Facebook game Bubble Fever which will see a series of new titles in the coming months. “We’re working on multiplatform games which can be connected on social platforms as well. We’re in the process of bettering our services & imbibe new learning from these challenging phases.” Jan adds.

Fact File
Name Inlogic Software
Location Slovakia
Connect Website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
Apps Google Play

Through all the changes and trends, Inlogic wants to fervently stick to the purpose of kickstarting this venture – to make their customers happy. On this positive note, our best wishes with them and hope to see them weaving many more interesting apps & games.

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