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How an innovative mobile ad campaign powered the launch of Vaseline Body Serum


Vaseline Body SerumsAs a leading brand for skin care products, Vaseline wanted to ensure that its consumers get the right kind of skin care. The brand believes that a lot of women do not try new skin products because of lack of correct information. They often do not know what skin product suits their skin type. Vaseline was looking to promote its new range of body serum but while doing so, it also wanted to educate its consumers on choosing the right product for their skin.

Creating awareness among consumers about different skin types 

The objective of this mobile ad campaign was to reach out to these consumers and create awareness about skin types and suitable skin products in an interactive manner, while establishing the brand engagement and recall around Vaseline's newly launched line up of body serums.

The campaign was set to run in Indonesia, targeting female smartphone users in the 15 to 30 year age group. This audience typically consists of new and regular users of skin care products. Most of these users are heavy users of their smartphones thus making mobile the ideal medium to reach out to them.

Educating the consumer about products that match their skin type

An interactive mobile ad would engage the user in a questionnaire format, educating her on her skin type and the suitable skin product for her. It would then show the consumer which body serum from Vaseline is most suited for her skin. To know more, the ad would prompt the user to tap on a button which would lead her to page and encourage a trial.

By prompting the consumer to answer a series of questions through an interactive ad creative the campaign helped establish a connect with Vaseline as a brand that is not just pushing a product but also trying to educate the consumer on her skin type and the importance of choosing the right skin product. As this ad is pushed to the consumer on a smartphone, it can reach out to the right audience and help establish a brand recall about Vaseline instantly and ensure continuous engagement with the consumer.

Knowledge sharing through engagement

The mobile execution is part of an all-encompassing marketing strategy that includes both ATL and BTL executions. The rich media ad was pushed to the target audience through Vserv's in-app ad inventories across Indonesia. The ad campaign was run for a period of 20 days.

The full screen rich media ad featured an image introducing the new range of the body serums by Vaseline and encouraged consumers to know more by tapping on a button. This took the user to a set of three questions that asked her to choose her age, skin problem and whether she usually stays indoors or outdoors through the day. Based on the selection, the consumer was directed to the image of the body serum that is best suited for her skin and with a button that would lead her to Vaseline's Indonesia website to know more about the product, the pricing etc.

The mobile ad followed a simple bread crumb approach of using the information provided by the consumer to educate her on her skin type and lead her to the Vaseline product best suited for her. By educating the user on the product from within the ad, the campaign made it easier for the consumer to choose the right product for herself. Furthermore, it helped establish a strong recall about Vaseline as brand that not only provided the right product for the consumer but also informs as to how that product is best suited for her.

Through the mobile ad campaign Vaseline was able to effectively reach out to its target audience and educate them on importance of choosing the right skin product. By helping the consumer discover her skin type, the campaign helped establish a connect with the consumer and encouraged her to explore how Vaseline's body serum provides her the right skin care.

The mobile ad campaign ran for a period of 20 days generated a total of 50,365,421 impressions. It delivered 217,797 clicks and the overall CTR was 0.43%.

The ad also helped provide some valuable insight about the consumer and their product choices. Almost 30% of the users who answered the product recommendation quiz were between the ages of 19 to 24 yrs old. With close to half of all the participants who took the quiz stating that they spend majority of their time indoors and over one-third of all users stated that they had dry skin problems, the most recommended product was the Vaseline nourishing body serum.

Based the problems faced by the other users, the second most recommended product was Vaseline SPF30 Body Serum, as this group of users said they faced the problem of uneven skin tone.

At an overall level, the mobile ad campaign helped create awareness among consumers about skin types and the importance of choosing the right skin product. For Vaseline, it helped ensure maximum engagement with the consumers and got them interested in knowing more about Vaseline's body serums.

By educating the user about which product is most suitable for her, it helped the brand ensure the right product will be bought by the consumer, thereby helping increase overall product sales. It also helped the brand understand market dynamics better and analyse the demands and position its products accordingly.

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