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An innovative mobile ad powered the successful launch of Samsung Galaxy S5 in India



samsungHaving seen stellar success for its Galaxy line of Android phones in India, Samsung was looking to repeat the act with the launch of its Galaxy S5 smartphone. However, the premium smartphone space in the country today is a crowded one, with several competing brands offering their own range of smartphones.

Samsung was looking to promote its new flagship device the Galaxy S5, as not just another premium performance-rich Android smartphone, but also as a device that offers fitness and wellness monitoring features.

Tapping into the pulse of the premium smartphone buyer
For Samsung, the target audience for Galaxy S5 was the tech-savvy smartphone users in India. They are highly dependent on their devices and keep upgrading their devices to stay updated on the latest technology. Much of their evaluation about a new device is done on how better it is than their current device and how it will make their lives easier. It was this notion that Samsung was looking to tap into.

Having tasted success once before with a mobile ad campaign, Samsung chose to target this audience on their current devices, and showcase the health and fitness features of Galaxy S5. A rich media banner ad teased the mobile user to discover the features of the Galaxy S5. Clicking on the mobile ad led the user to a full screen rich media ad that featured an interactive game.

It had an image of a woman running and featured a bar monitoring her health, thereby showcasing the health and fitness features of the phone. The game prompted the user to collect medallions, unlocking a new feature of the Galaxy S5. To know more about the phone, the user had to click on an 'Experience Now' button that would lead him to Samsung's India website for Galaxy S5.

Greater engagement through innovation
In its 40 days of running, the campaign delivered 6,018,392 impressions and 50,000 clicks with a CTR of 0.83%. The average time of engagement on the ad unit was 30 seconds, during which, each user clicked on the ad at least 5 times while playing the game or to visit the landing page. There was a progressive growth in the interest level of consumers in the product and success of the campaign, as the number of clicks received weekly increased between 2 to 7 times as compared to the previous week.

The mobile user discovering the key features of the phone through a gamification-led experience ensured continuous engagement and recall. The mobile ad helped showcase the fitness and health features of the phone and thereby established an image that the phone is designed to go beyond just being a feature-rich smartphone and offer an experience that would make the user's life easier.

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