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4 hours a day on smartphones! Why Power Users should be top focus for mobile marketers


SUPR 2015 Southeast Asia Power User featuredWith our Smartphone User Persona (SUPR) 2015 for India and Southeast Asia, we showcased that usage patterns can tell us a lot more about smartphone users than mere demographic data ever could.

These reports segment smartphone users into unique user personas based on their smartphone usage. Analyzing these user personas provides a much deeper understanding about these smartphone users. For instance, findings from our recent SUPR 2015 for Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines suggest that for a major chunk of smartphone users from these countries, much of their digital lives are lived out of their smartphones.

The reports segment these users as Power Users, as they are the most voracious users of their smartphones when compared to all other user personas. Power Users in Philippines for instance, spend around 2 and a half hours a day on their device and consume more than 280 MB of data every day. Those in Thailand, spend around 3 and half hour per day on their devices, consuming a whopping 535 MB of data per day.

However, it is the Malaysian Power Users that best fit description as they spend close to 4 hours a day using their smartphones, the highest among all smartphone users across the entire Southeast Asia region. Their data consumption is also very high, as much as 317 MB of data per day.

In an era where it is often said that smartphones have become preferred device for all content access, Power Users truly redefine this belief. Be it social networking or mobile gaming, music or video streaming, seeking information, online shopping or even travel bookings, everything happens on smartphones for these users.

Social networking, chat & VOIP and gaming feature high on the list of things that Power Users in these countries do. Those in Malaysia spend over 100 minutes per day on social networking, chat and VOIP. Power Users from Philippines spend around 30 minutes per day on mobile gaming. Browsing the Internet to seek information also takes up copious amount of time for Power Users across the three countries.

This tells us that a large section of users from these countries use their smartphones a lot. What this means for the marketers though is that there is a vast audience that is always connected and online via their devices, presenting a big opportunity to reach out and engage them. For app publishers, there is an abundant demand for content waiting to be fulfilled.

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