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July 30, 2015
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August 10, 2015

A deep dive into the Smartphone User Persona: App Junkies


App Junkies Insights featuredThe last year has seen a strong trend of companies both online and offline, promoting their mobile apps in India. We have also seen a spurt in app-only businesses mushrooming across the country. That, apps are becoming the preferred choice for content consumption, is a trend recognized by everyone. And therefore, there is a strong focus from all quarters to tap into this growing popularity of apps in the country.

What you will find interesting is if we were to tell you that there are smartphone users in the country who download and install as many as 18 apps/games in a month. Our recent Smartphone User Persona Report (SUPR) 2015 segments these users as App Junkies, primarily due to the sheer number of apps they use in a month.

SUPR 2015 segments smartphone users in India into six unique personas based on their usage patterns. Today the country has over 160 million smartphone users. App Junkies, with a 24% share, make up for the biggest chunk of this user base.

Smartphones are the center of their digital universe and App Junkies spend close to 3 hours in a day on their smartphones accessing the content they love. They consume over 6.7 GB of data per month via their smartphones, which is higher than all other smartphone users in the country.

What sort of apps do App Junkies typically use on their smartphones? App Junkies are always among the first ones to try out new apps. Their usage of apps such as the Google Play Store, 9Apps and Paytm is very high, as these apps facilitate buying, downloading and installing new apps. App Junkies spend over 4 minutes per day on app stores and they install over 16 apps and 2 games every month.

However, if we look at their daily usage, App Junkies spend 25% of their time socializing, via chat and social networking apps. Chat and VoIP constitutes a bigger portion of this usage followed by social networking. 23% of their time is spent on Entertainment and gaming takes the largest chunk of this time. App Junkies are also big on seeking more information and 11% of their time is spent on search, sports apps, app store and news apps.

Our study shows that most of these App Junkies are above 18 years of age, male and primarily from metros. A lot of them are students and a majority of them are using smartphones that cost more than Rs 15,000.

This clearly indicates that smartphone users in India are rapidly moving towards apps for their content requirements. It also explains why online business majors such as Flipkart have gone from a mobile-also to mobile-first strategy. Businesses such as Myntra and TinyOwl have taken the app-only route to engage their mobile-first consumers. If marketers want to tap into this growing mobile-first population, App Junkies are the ideal ones to start with.

You can find the complete SUPR 2015 report here

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