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November 10, 2015
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What do we know about smartphone users in Indonesia?


Smartphone users in Indonesia featured imageA lot has been already been said about how smartphones have become the primary device for internet access and content consumption globally, especially across regions such as India and Southeast Asia. However, little is known about what consumers actually do with their smartphones and the role this device plays in their daily lives.

We managed to throw some light on this, with our recent Smartphone User Persona Report (SUPR) 2015 for India where we looked how different smartphone users across India interact with their devices on a daily basis, the apps the consume and their usage patterns. Six interesting personas rose out of this, which included App Junkies or smartphone users who download and use a lot of apps, and Social Stars, which as the persona name suggests, are big on social networking apps.

These varied smartphone usage patterns are however not limited to just India. Just as almost every country exhibits its own unique regional and cultural diversity, the way consumers across a country use their smartphones also throws up some usage patterns that are unique to that country.

For instance, Daniel is an average smartphone user from Indonesia who spends over an hour a day playing games on his smartphones. He downloads over 10 apps and games in a month and almost all of his smartphone usage is entertainment-based apps.

There are many other such smartphone users across Indonesia whose daily lives involve everything between playing games, social networking and streaming to reading eBooks, news, sports-based and E-commerce apps on their smartphones. In fact, a recent report suggests that entertainment remains the most popular type of content consumed on smartphones across Indonesia. The way these consumers use their devices on a daily basis point to the fact that they have unique smartphone user personalities.

Therefore, watch this space as we will soon be sharing some very interesting insights about these smartphone users and decoding their usage patterns to reveal their unique smartphone personas.

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