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The love for mobile gaming is shared by all Indian smartphone users: SUPR 2015


If there's something that smartphone users in India love, then that is mobile gaming. In the past, we've talked about how India will be one of the biggest mobile gaming markets for developers, backed by the growing popularity of mobile gaming in the country. A recent Newzoo report even suggests that the number of smartphone and tablet gamers in the country are estimated to grow from 141.8 Mn in 2013 to 267.4 Mn in 2016, at a CAGR of 23%.

This growing appetite for mobile gaming was also evident in our recent Smartphone User Persona Report (SUPR) 2015. The report segments Indian smartphone users into six interesting personas based on their usage and their usage patterns clearly indicated that irrespective of how they use their smartphones otherwise, smartphone users in the country love playing mobile games.

Mobile gaming a hit across all user personas
True to their user persona, Entertainment Buffs are avid mobile gamers. They spend over 211 minutes per day on their devices, of which over 30 minutes are spent playing mobile games. Following closely on their heels, are App Junkies who spend close 20 minutes a day on mobile gaming. These smartphone users spend as much 160 minutes a day on their devices.

SUPR mobile gaming genre wise usageThen there are the Social Stars. While their high level of social networking and chat app usage is what gives them this user persona, these users do spend some time playing mobile games. Of the 263 minutes that they spend every day on smartphones, over 17 minutes are spent on mobile gaming.

Interestingly though, Utilitarians, whose usage is primarily utility-driven, spend over 15 minutes a day on mobile gaming. Conversationalists and Dabblers on the other hand, who use their smartphone primarily as a communication device, spend around 10 minutes a day on mobile gaming.

The love for mobile gaming is genre-agnostic
Furthermore, it is not just mobile gaming, but genres within mobile gaming that enjoy varied levels of popularity among Indian smartphone users. For instance, of all the gaming genres, Puzzles saw the highest level of reach among users with over 49%. Smartphone users on an average spent over 10 minutes per day playing games of this genre.

However, Strategy-based mobile games saw the highest amount of engagement with smartphones users spending over 15 minutes per day on games of this genre. Card based games were the next most engaging genre of mobile gaming with smartphone users spending over 12 minutes a day on them .

Whatever genre it may be, mobile gaming continues to see increased adoption in India. For marketers, it means mobile gaming presents a strong opportunity for them to tap Indian smartphone users.

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