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December 10, 2015
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Social Stars: The Indonesian smartphone user persona whose usage is dominated by Social Media
December 22, 2015

Power Users: What makes these Indonesians the biggest users of smartphones in the country


Vserv SUPR Indonesia Power User featuredWe often find people who are always engrossed with their smartphones. It seems like most of their digital life is led out of their smartphones and they use their smartphone for doing almost everything on a daily basis.

But what if we told you that there is a sizeable chunk of such users whose smartphone usage in a day is highest when compared to all other smartphone users in that region. Our recent Smartphone User Persona Report (SUPR) 2015 for Indonesia observes that 17% of smartphone users across the country spend significantly higher than average time on smartphones than all other users in the country.

These users, rightly segmented as Power Users, spend over two and a half hour on their smartphone every day. Not just this, their Wi-Fi usage is also the highest among all other Indonesian smartphone users, with Power Users consuming over 128 MB of data per day via Wi-Fi.

Furthermore, their usage of smartphones is all-round, including everything right from social networking and chat, music and video, to online shopping, gaming and seeking information. Their usage of Utility apps such as BFSI and Online Trade is particularly higher among these users (35 minutes per day) when compared to all other smartphone user personas in Indonesia.

When they are not using Utility-based apps, they spend as much as 55 minutes on social networking. Power Users play a lot on their smartphones too, spending as much as 90 minutes on mobile gaming. For these users, their smartphone is the window to their digital universe, and so they spend over 20 minutes in a day on their devices seeking information. A variety of apps such as BlackBerry Messenger, Clash of Clans and Line Messenger, feature among the apps most frequently used by Power Users.

Power Users are predominantly male between the ages of 31 to 35 years. Their higher than average use of smartphones makes them the ideal audience for marketers looking to leverage mobile marketing, as these consumers form a mature smartphone user base, much of whose daily lives revolve around their devices. They are more receptive to content on smartphones which makes Power Users the perfect audience for marketers to engage them with relevant offers.

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