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August 18, 2015
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August 31, 2015

Smartphone usage for 24 million Indian smartphone users is primarily utility-driven


Utilitarian SUPR featuredOur recent Smartphone User Persona Report (SUPR) 2015 shows how a smartphone means different things for different users in India. For many, their entire digital life revolves around a smartphone. Others treat it as the ultimate device for all entertainment content consumption. Then there are those, for whom a smartphone helps them stay better connected with the world around them.

However, for a certain section of users that make up to about 15% of the 160 million smartphone users in the country, a smartphone is all about making their daily life easier. For these Utilitarians, their smartphone usage is driven by utility-based apps, primarily for voice calls and messaging.

Their smartphone usage is a little under 3 hours a day, of which close to 90 minutes are spent on calls, chat and VOIP. Utilitarians however, download over 5 apps in a month, most of which are information seeking or online banking apps. Among the apps that they use, Viber, HDFC and DailyHunt are the ones most frequently used by these Utilitarians.

Utilitarians spend 25% of their time on smartphones majorly using Chat, VOIP and social networking apps. However, a good 11% of their time is also spent on seeking information via search, sports, and news-based apps.

This presents a good opportunity for marketers to reach out and engage with these Utilitarians during their various stages of discovery with relevant products and services. The fact that Utilitarians use a variety of communication and social media apps to stay connected with the world also means it is easier to reach out to these users, gauge consumer sentiment and engage them.

To know more about these Utilitarians read our full report.

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