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February 11, 2016
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Southeast Asia's mobile data consumption fueled by Data Guzzlers


SUPR Southeast Asia Data Guzzlers featuredYou look around, and everyone is up to something on their smartphones. Be it music, playing games, seeking information online, everyone is connected to the Internet, accessing online content. They're consuming data, through these apps and sites, some more than others.

For these people, smartphones have invariably become the primary device for Internet access and they consume the highest amount of data when compared to all other smartphone users around them. This trend is very evident across Southeast Asia as per our Smartphone User Persona Report (SUPR) 2015 for Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

SUPR segments these users as Data Guzzlers and according to the Malaysia and Thailand reports, Data Guzzlers make up for as much as 20% of the Malaysian and 13% of Thai smartphone user base respectively.

Total mobile data consumption by Data Guzzlers in Thailand

It is obvious that these users are spending a lot of their time on smartphones, accessing apps that offer a variety of content, but how high is their usage really? According to SUPR for Malaysia, Data Guzzlers in the country consume over 397 MB of data (Wi-Fi & Cellular) a day. However, those in Thailand, consume an astounding 604 MB of data (Wi-Fi & Cellular) per day, the highest among all smartphone users in the whole of Southeast Asia.

If we drill down further into their data consumption patterns, we see that Internet access via Wi-Fi is what constitutes the biggest chunk of this data usage. Data Guzzlers in Thailand consume a staggering 483 MB of data over Wi-Fi every day while this number sits at 299 MB for Data Guzzlers from Malaysia.

Obviously, Data Guzzlers are online a lot, but then what is it that they do which amounts to such high data consumption? It turns out that Data Guzzlers love social networking and mobile gaming. Of the 182 minutes that Malaysian Data Guzzlers spend on their smartphones every day, over 80 minutes are spent on an average on social networking, chat and VOIP apps. Mobile gaming takes up over 52 minutes of their smartphone time.

For Data Guzzlers in Thailand, social networking, chat and VOIP takes up 72 minutes of the 169 minutes they spend on smartphones every day. Mobile gaming on an average takes almost 28 minutes of their smartphone time each day.

After they are done with their share of catching up with the world and gaming on mobile, Malaysian Data Guzzlers spend most of their smartphone time on browsing the Internet for information, watching videos online and music apps. Those in Thailand also dedicate this time to watching videos online and browsing.

Therefore, apps such as YouTube, Facebook and UC Browser and games such as Line Let's Get Rich figure among the ones most frequently used by Data Guzzlers across these two countries. This means that for marketers, there is a good opportunity to engage these users on apps that offer gaming, video and music streaming as the content itself lends to an experience that can result in greater user engagement. Even their time spent on browsing and seeking information makes Data Guzzlers prime audience for discovery and engagement. It's up to marketers to make the most of this appetite for mobile data consumption.

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