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Intel's successful launch of its new tablet series through a bootcamp in a mobile ad


Intel bootcamp tablet series featuredIntel is synonymous with cutting edge computing technology. The leading technology provider was looking to launch its new series of tablet devices in India. However the challenge was to differentiate its new products in a market crowded with products claiming to offer the latest and greatest features.

To differentiate its new products, Intel wanted to showcase its new tablet series as the 'Fastest of its class.' To do so, we wanted to showcase the speed and 'extremely fast' features of the devices with a campaign that encourages users to be as quick as these devices. The idea behind this campaign was to position Intel's tablets as the world's fastest tablet devices.

With this campaign, we wanted to reach out to tech savvy Indians who are always looking for the latest technology products. The target audience therefore consisted of smartphone enthusiasts who keep upgrading to new smartphones and tablets to stay updated with the latest technology.

Training smartphone users to be quicker than their devices
The campaign called 'Intel Finger Bootcamp' was centered around the concept of a boot camp to train smartphone users for the lightning fast Intel tablets experience. On completing the boot camp, the user would be eligible to buy the Intel powered tablet devices. By doing so, we were not only taking the message but also influencing the user's buying decision in a highly engaging and interactive manner.

We created a series of ad units that would 'train' the user’s' fingers to get them acquainted with the powerful and lightning fast features of the Intel powered tablets. We delivered a series of different training scenarios through fullscreen HTML5 mobile ads, where users were invited to play games like cycling, boxing, rowing, tyre catch and weight lifting, within each ad and they had to be extremely swift while playing the game.

The ad format leveraged deep linking to drive relevant consumers to the right purchase funnel. The games were used to qualify users based on their performance in the game and after they were successful at playing the game they would be taken directly to the Intel products' website. Based on the media consumption pattern of the target audience, the mobile ad was pushed across apps and sites that the target audience was known to frequently access. We targeted users on news, business, entertainment, technology related media.

A 'fast' road to success
An attractive creative and a highly engaging mobile ad enabled Intel to reach to effectively engage its target audience and take the intended message across. The campaign was highly successful with over 200,000 users playing the game. 95% of the users who started playing the game went on to complete the entire game. 94% of these users then went on to explore the Intel boot-camp further on their mobile site and play the other games.

For Intel, the mobile ad campaign effectively established the image of its new tablet devices being lightning fast, and got users interested such that they further went on to explore the company website to learn more about the products and buying them.


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