KFC Hunger meter featured
KFC's hunger meter in a mobile ad tapped into hungry consumers across Malaysia
July 9, 2015
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B2B companies will start partnering with B2C firms for data: Vserv CEO
July 14, 2015

From Intent To Purchase: Taking Mobile Marketing to the Next Level


The following is an exclusive guest contributed post from Dippak Khurana, Founder & CEO of Vserv.

Economics in India works very differently from that in the U.S. While consumers in the U.S. are used to buying physical products in bulk, Indian consumers are averse to the idea of buying these products in large volumes. This has forced companies to adopt a sachet-based marketing approach, selling physical products in smaller quantities or packages.

However, it also means that consumers in India shop frequently, a trend that has carried over even to the digital side. Telecom service operators or Telcos have to sell segmented packs for Internet data and voice minutes. Direct-to-Home (DTH) cable service providers have to sell channel packs segmented by genre such as only movies, or sports or entertainment instead of all channels, and consumers are even asking for these packs on hourly or daily basis instead of paying for the entire month. You can read the full article on Mobile Marketing Watch.


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