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An interactive mobile ad that helped Gionee strike a chord with avid photographers


site_featured_image_jan2Having recently made a foray in the Indian market, Gionee was looking to promote its flagship device, Elife E7 as the best android smartphone for photography. The objective was to reach out to smartphone users who love taking photographs using their phones and establish Elife E7 as the best android phone in the market
Reaching out to the tech savvy smartphone buyer
Through a mobile ad campaign the brand would target smartphone users who are avid photographers and primarily use their smartphones to take pictures. The performance of the camera matters to these users and therefore they like to own devices with a camera that packs in the latest technology and features.

However, this target audience is also price conscious and therefore likes to regularly switch from one brand to another, as long as they are getting the best performance for that price. A mobile ad would be the quickest and the most relevant way of reaching out to the target audience as it provided both the scale and access to the right audience.

A smartphone 'Made for Shooting'
The mobile ad campaign was designed such that would effectively showcase the Elife E7 as a smartphone 'Made for shooting'. A simple yet interactive rich media ad was created featuring an image of a DSLR camera. It asked the user: 'Always wanted a DSLR-like Picture Quality on your Phone?' and prompted him to swipe the screen to know more.

It would then take him to an image of the Elife E7 phone, and prompt him to touch-to-click on a feature such as the camera, display or the smartphone hardware to know more details. With a Buy Now button it encouraged the user to click to know more about the phone and redirected him to Gionee's India website to buy the phone.

The campaign that ran for 15 days, saw around 7 million impressions with 75% unique users. With more than 31,000 clicks in 15 days, it achieved a CTR of 0.46%. More than 75% of users who viewed the ad engaged with it using the swipe features to unveil the product. Of these, close to 5000 users went on to Gionee's page to check on how they could purchase the device.

The mobile ad campaign successfully managed to establish Gionee's Elife E7 as best-in-class android smartphone that offers excellent camera features. It helped create a brand image of the device as premium high performance android device that can compete with other leading brands in the market.


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