App development involves various challenges which includes building support for various platforms, supporting various versions of platforms & devices etc. For that matter, the process of integrating 3rd party SDKs like  Analytics, Ads, Bug tracking, In-App purchases into your app is also a tedious task but an essential one. You’d need to start reading up the documentation, to coding & testing each of these SDKs. Indeed a time consuming exercise!cover

What If you had a TARDIS like Dr. Who, which you could use to time travel into the future where all the hard work was done for you!! What if?  What if, you could do the same with a similar One Click mechanism? You could travel through time and zoom your app into the future where all these painstaking processes are already “auto-magically” integrated into your App! That would be great, wouldn’t it?

That’s precisely what the new AppWrapper platform for Android does, saving you a lot of time.We at are glad to introduce the all-new  for Android – A Time machine for your Apps! It’ll help you transport your app to the future where services like Flurry, BugSense, Google Analytics, AppRater etc have been integrated by

Making your App “Market Ready” in Minutes

Three years ago we revolutionized Ad integration by allowing a Developer to integrate monetization in One Click. While we saw immense adoption for this product, developers came back to us asking if we could do the same for other SDKs. The new resolves these painpoints of a developer by offering a powerful platform to rapidly integrate multiple SDKs without any coding effort. In a nutshell, your App is now market ready in One Click with the following services:

1.    Monetization: Full-screen launch & exit ads, hybrid mediation and In-App purchases in a single click. Example- Premium RTB Ads, Google Play Store InApp Purchases

2.   Analytics: Measure audience reach; analyze engagement, retentions, conversions, revenue and a lot more. Example: Google Analytics, Flurry Analytics, ApSalar

3.   Bug Tracking: Gather live crash reports, receive feedback from users, distribute your betas and analyze your test coverage. Example: BugSense, HockeyApp, Crittercism

4.   User Engagement: Gain insights into marketing attribution and in-app user behavior.  Example: AppRater, Cloud2Device Messaging

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