When you think of Turkey, your mind goes back in time to Constantinople, where the Byzantine warriors met the legendary visionaries of Asia, hung out, made peace and in the process created modern civilization. That was then, the Turkey of today with 40 million 3G subscribers, has the largest number of mobile internet users across Europe. Further, being strategically located between key markets in Europe, Middle East, Central Asia & Russia, Turkey is without doubt an enticing market for entrepreneurs. One such company making waves in the Mobile App ecosystem is Ankara based JarBull.

Vserv-JarbullStarted under the aegis of Globsis Information Technologies Company, Jarbull began developing mobile games 3 years ago. What initially started as a project to feed the entertainment and technology verticals of Globsis, has today become a brand in itself. JarBull strongly believed that mobile gaming was the future and within a short span of time, has successfully developed games across mobile platforms. The Sanctuary is one of their most successful games amongst many others.

When it comes to monetization, Jarbull has been using in-app advertising as their primary revenue model. On working with Vserv as their app monetization partners, the folks at Jarbull state,”We develop games for different markets globally with different needs. Vserv’s emerging market expertise and presence is unparalleled. Using the AppWrapper technology has not only saved us tremendous time and resources, but also helped us maximize revenues across these markets.”

Fact File
Name JarBull
Location Turkey
Connect WebsiteFacebookTwitter
Apps Ovi, Google Play, Blackberry

The team at JarBull draws inspiration from the opportunity to touch the lives of billions of mobile users across the world and work relentlessly to improve the quality of their games based on user feedback. Their advice to fellow game developers is to “Be Yourself” and create games that you would love playing yourself. With ambitious plans of ramping up their presence on Android & iOS, we wish the good folks at JarBull all the best in their future endeavours.

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