Jollybox-VservOld school thinkers believe that one should work their way up in a job, gain experience and then when one is completely seasoned, venture into starting a business. If every company followed this approach, Facebook & Google would not have existed. Times have definitely changed, the trend is to get started as soon as you have an idea, the earlier the better. Back in 2007, Petr Medek, a student based in Czech Republic had the same thought. He was working on an academic project, a dictionary app, and soon realized that it was more than just a student project. While building this app he was consumed by the process of creating something new and decided that this is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Petr took the entrepreneurial plunge and founded Jollybox in 2007 with a focus on developing software for feature phones on the J2ME platform.

Jollybox has a simple goal – build products that add value to the end user. Their first product was a handy dictionary app called KODi which was released in many languages and enjoyed tremendous success. With the rise of the OVI store, Jollybox decided to stick to developing for Nokia and being keen racing enthusiasts decided to merge their passion by venturing into making 3D racing games. Their games include the likes of KORa, Road to Hell, Devil’s Ride, Zombie Massacre. They have recently started developing games for kids with titles like King of Xmas & YO!.

We pride ourselves in backing young dynamic entrepreneurs and are proud to collaborate with Petr & his team at Jollybox in their App journey. Peter adds, “The best way to reach a wider audience & monetize our content was via ad-supported apps. Vserv is the best partner to work with in this regard. Their unique AppWrapper technology helps us monetize our apps within seconds, without any extra work required from our end. In addition to offering the best ROI possibilities for our apps,  the team at Vserv is very professional and we look forward to working with them for our future apps”.

Fact File
Name Jollybox
Location Czech Republic
Connect Website,
Apps Ovi

The team at Jollybox believe that video games still prove to be the most entertaining pass-time across ages. They derive inspiration for their titles from all the big gaming industry giants. While they try and keep their gaming titles simple & more casual, the underlying philosophy is to entertain and at the same time make the end user have an awesome gaming experience.

Jollybox strongly believes in the mass market potential & reach that feature phones possess. They will continue developing for Nokia laying focus on building more great apps & in time with the right resource base, venture into other platforms like iOS & Android.

We are glad to partner with an experienced and enthusiastic company like Jollybox. We wish them success in their current and upcoming ventures and hope to see some really cool gaming titles emerge from their stable.

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