Working in the Armed Forces to protect one’s country is one of the most challenging and demanding jobs. Being on high alert all the time and being ready for unprecedented events is part of the job, thereby resulting in very high stress levels. Unwinding and taking breaks is vital to staying rejuvenated and focused. One popular form of relaxing is playing video games!

From being a mere relaxation activity, gaming had become a passion for Kamil Nowicki, an officer in the Polish Army and a 5th year student at the Military University of Technology. Not content with just playing games he decided to develop his own. Despite being relatively new to software development (approximately 15 months), he has developed some great games, which have already started being downloaded across the world. Some of his popular games include Turbo Racer, Air Hockey Turbo and Power of Brain.

Fact File
Name Kamil Nowicki
Location Poland
Connect Facebook
Apps Android, Blackberry

Kamil has built his games for multiple platforms including Samsung Bada and Android. He uses the network and AppWrapper to monetize his Android & Bada apps globally. Kamil states “Vserv provides ad integration on multiple platforms including Samsung Bada, which was one of the key requirements for me. Since I build games in my spare time, the AppWrapper helps me save a lot of time by reducing the ad integration effort to a single click!”.

Kamil is keen to develop even more enjoyable games in the future and some day have his own company. He believes that every problem, especially programming related, can be solved and one should never give up. He advocates – “Never give up – keep trying – the feeling of satisfaction you will get once you solve it will be amazing!”

We are proud to partner with an army officer with such passion both for his job and hobby. We hope he continues serving his country and developing more amazing games for the world!

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