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July 7, 2015
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July 14, 2015

KFC's hunger meter in a mobile ad tapped into hungry consumers across Malaysia


KFC Hunger meter featuredPopular fast food chain, KFC are known for their quality food and lucrative offers. The leading food joint recently released a limited promotional offer for its Super Jimat Box in Malaysia, wherein the meal box was available at a discounted rate. KFC wanted to create awareness about this offer. The campaign targeted at masses, encouraged them to visit the nearest KFC outlet to avail the limited offer.

With the rapid proliferation of smartphones in Malaysia, the mobile platform was the most effective method to reach out to the target audience. Since the offer was valid for a limited time, KFC was expecting quick results.

Hit your hunger meter on mobile
We created a mobile ad campaign that ran as a fullscreen ad on smartphones and a standard banner on feature phones. Today, people use mobile phones for gaming, utility apps, shopping and local navigation. Building on this insight, KFC approached customers to play a quick game about the offer they could avail. The campaign capitalized on the hardware features that the mobile platform has to offer, combining it with an engaging creative.

A full screen banner showcased an empty box of food and the customer is asked to shake the phone to reveal the offer. As the customer shakes the phone, each food item gets added into that box. With every addition, it also shows the hunger meter on screen. If you are hungrier, keep shaking your phone till it fills the box and the meter reaches the super hungry mark. The moment the box is full, the meter reaches super hungry mark and the offer is revealed. Once the offer is revealed users are redirected to the maps page where they get directions for the nearest outlet. This worked as a brilliant incentive to ensure impulse purchase.

A quick bite of success
The biggest challenge was to quickly create awareness of its promotional offer since it was for a limited period only. However, the rich banner ad capitalized on smartphone features to successfully engage the audience with the shake feature. It also saw over 1500 users clicking on the store locator to find out the nearest KFC outlet. With a highly innovative, creative and interactive banner ad, KFC was successful in reaching out to users in no time.


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